Our expertise

To build a long-lasting relation which bases itself on the quality and the respect for deadlines, we set up a quality charter, on which we make a commitment.

A healthy and long-lasting relation

We make a commitment to answer your demand with quality and in the long term. For us, it is important, besides offering to you the mission of manufacturer, to facilitating the communication and the understanding of your need, thanks to the French management in English and in French.

The computing tools are set up to facilitate the work and lower the costs of communication: Skype, video conference …

A geographical closeness

Our factory of confection is situated in 15 minutes of the airport of Monastir, in Tunisia. Our location allows us to have a big panel of fast solutions, so much at the level of supplies, of screenprinting, the sublimation, the realization of labels, hulls of bra and shirts of bath, on fabric impression of motives, bags of packaging etc.

Indeed, the region is known, for several decades, to be a pole of preparation in lingerie and stitch. Numerous suppliers are nearby, of whom Santoul, Art Martin …

The environment, a priority!

In a region as Monastir ( Tunisia), the recycling is a little a part of their habits of life. It is very different from the west and the inhabitants recycle all that they can to save.
The France preparation factory hires people stemming from a village where the standard of living is not raised(brought up). The waste of fabric(tissue) is of use to the domestic works. Even the plastic bottles of water are got back by the cleaning lady who resells them and thus agrees a new source of income.
We bring back(report), also, the spectacle frames of France which do not serve any more (grace one by one set up system of recovery) and we give them to the workers who have to wear glasses (after ophthalmic consultation) without buying the frame.

You look for a factory of confection ?Contact us and let us speak it !