Our commitments

The respect for deadlines

We make a commitment on the respect for the deadlines which we fix you, to avoid any delay which could harm you on the progress of your collections.

A constant and irreproachable Quality

We set up rigorous quality controls to assure(insure) you a regular quality answering exactly the established specifications.

A closeness with Europe

Our office in Paris, in France, allows the deposit of samples or supplies which miss. It is also possible to book an appointment, with you in bets, without you have to move on the factory. Other possibility: pay a visit of the factory by video conference to avoid you a travel towards Tunisia.

A corporate citizen

To opt for the preparation in Tunisia allows you to have an excellent value for money. On the other hand, we make a commitment on the respect for the good working conditions of our collaborators. The environment is also a priority and we set up everything to limit our impact on the nature.

We chose to invest in a region of the inside (who the lingerie is the speciality since the 80s) which undergoes a difficult economic environment and we bring strong hand to deprived families.

If you better wish to know us, we invite you to consult notre savoir-faire