A Garment factory in Tunisia for all your orders !

A tailoring factory in Tunisia allows for very affordable prices with a recognized quality. Indeed, Tunisia enjoys a very good reputation for apparel and workshops hiring highly skilled workers who bring real added value.

A garment factory in Tunisia manufacturing underwear, knitwear, loungewear and swimwear

France Confection supports all your orders in its workshop in Tunisia. We have also an office in Paris, in addition to our garment factory in Tunisia to facilitate contact so that we can, together, take in charge your various orders. To be closer to you and facilitate your business, your samples can be made and received in less than a week without shipping charges.

Why choose France Confection ?

Our garment factory in Tunisia is equipped with highly reliable machines. All our workers are highly skilled and staff recruitment is carefully conducted. Aware of the importance of offering good working conditions, we are implementing all necessary procedures to improve ergonomics and working conditions.
You may explore our different activities and contact us to talk more about them. We will respond as soon as possible. In addition, all our French managers are bilingual and speak perfect English.